How to tune into resonance


How to tune into resonance -PHASE LOCK LOOP  


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The only way economic way to build a Vic and have it work is through resonant frequencies. 

Each cell will have a different resonant frequency since each cell has been built different by a lot of different people. 
The condition that determines the resonant condition of a Vic is the two inductors and the water gap. 

The inductive reactance and capacitive reactance must be equal to achieve resonant condition. 
That condition matches impedance perfectly to so the capacitive reactance impedance equally opposes the impedance of the inductive reactance. 

Once this resonant condition is obtained it must be locked on to and tracked by a PLL. finding the correct frequency for the setup at hand, which already has it's intrinsic inductances and capacitances which the circuit is put together with. 

One way to find this frequency would be to feed the circuit with a signal generator and then compare the cell voltage with the total inductance voltage using an oscilloscope for example and when you get the voltage on the cell to be equal in amplitude with the voltage of the inductances then you know what frequency to lock on to. 

The Notes here are simply to help people get a grasp on what is being talked about and the correct way to describe it for faster uptake 
to advance the Phase Lock Look part and or add to the Stan Meyer tech to advance to firm the system events that are occurring in circuits 
which are well documented thanks to Max now on many points duty frequency volts amps tank capacitance chokes etc. 

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Dialing in the Scope 


Steps to achieve resonance:
1. Low Frequency (LF) "Gated" Generator is OFF.
2. Adjusting High Frequency (HF) Generator to reach a state of resonance.
3. Low Frequency (LF) "Gated" Generator is ON.
4. Adjusting LF Generator "Duty Cycle" at "Minimum".
5. Adjusting LF Generator "Frequency" to Achieve an "Overlap".
6. !!!!!!!!!! Finally, fine Adjust HF Generator "Frequency" Until the Desired Waveform !!!!!!!!!!