Distribution Solenoids Mixers


Stanley Meyer had Differential Solenoids that had 3 wires going to each solenoid. 

Stepper Motor

Do you think they were forward and reverse motors like showcased in this video?

Picture of the 3 Differential Solenoids and I only see 2 wires to each. 
What do you see? There should be 3 wires.

Max said use 2 wire the other is your


Maybe he just used a forward and reverse switch ...
 this show two wires yellow and blue to motor which can be polarity reversed. 

Ernest used a similar setup to control a throttle on Potato Harvester Diesel Engine.

And here I see 3 terminals for each differential solenoid

Chattering Solenoids for what purpose. Air Gate? EGR? Ionized Air? Mixing Valve
 Controller? They don't look like forward and reverse stepper motor controls?

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier 





So mixing chamber is combination of several pumps with electric valves.....

DIY peristaltic pump  ]http://blogs.rsc.org/chi.../2015/06/26/diy-peristaltic-pump/ 
parsitic pumps and stepper  motor  valves


Looks like if we learn arduino we can make a good mixing valve?

that is only way to precise mix fluids


These venturi bubble thing is not for precise mixing what we need....
 In the patent Stan said  operating simultaneously those three fluids is important to active reaction..


125 psi
yes you are correct for that pressure but they can be variable speed to feed to another 125psi pump?


125 psi cut out sensor 

2015-bmw-m4-motogp-safety-car-water-injection hho fuel
2015-bmw-m4-motogp-safety-car-water-injection hho fuel

It is entirely possible  there is a garden watering system which will reverse and rove water in the pipes

if so that can be used 

STanley A Meyer Mixing Solenoids
STanley A Meyer Mixing Solenoids
STanley A Meyer Mixing Solenoids
STanley A Meyer Mixing Solenoids