Bike HHO Hydrogen 


With Bike we can do several thing to prepare the biles electrical system before ,we start the conversion or add for hydrogen on demand or HHO Kit Install.


1. Upgrade stator to high amp from 5-10 to high as you can by ordering a replacingaprt from Secure Supplies Advise you Make model year to , we will provide a new stator or get your rewound to 10-35 amps depending on the bike brand and size. This gives you more out power power and ability to handle HHO Cell loads.


2. Upgrade rectifyer regular to higher Amp units we have in Bike Section in Shop.


3. Consider a Power Conditioner unit to ro buffer load on Stator and Rectifier on biker.


4 Install Cell and Pwm Controller with relay and switch or auto temp on /off . ( Consider Split gas Cells for ure H)


4.5 Install VIC Circuit and Chokes


5 Avoid Bubbler is inline flash back unit and check valves to keep gas very potent. H Monoatomic.


6 Consider Injection point , is it to carb or will it be injected with injection system


7. Consider Spark plug adaptor for direct feed to cyclinder


8. Consider Amp voltmeter guages and Control switches.


9. Consider a Air intake Ionizer and electron extraction cicuit


10. Exhaust refeeder (EGR for bikes)


11. Use a Wet Cell 


See our Shop for more details on current parts available.



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